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Forensic Science Laboratory
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Overview of the Services

The Forensic Science Laboratory operates under the aegis of the Prime Minister’s Office, Home Affairs, as an autonomous body to provide forensic services to the Police and Judicial Department of Mauritius.
Requests for forensic tests from other institutions and Regional States are channeled to the Forensic Science Laboratory through the Prime Minister’s Office, Home Affairs Division.
The Forensic Science Laboratory provides forensic examination and analysis in the following areas:
Ø Crime Scene Investigation
Ø Evidence Recovery and examination of biological materials
Ø DNA profiling
Ø Paternity Dispute
Ø Drugs and Toxicological analysis
Ø Ballistics/Physical Examination
Ø Fire and explosion investigation
Ø Document examination
Ø Accident investigation
The quality of analytical work from the laboratory has been dramatically improved over the years through compliance with the quality standard ISO 17025 (lab accreditation). This has significantly increased the analytical costs, but gives management and the customer greater confidence in the data generated and results reported by the Forensic Science Laboratory.